The Tablet Project

A virtual lifeline for patients during the Coronavirus crisis.


Patients are admitted alone and family members are banned entry.

Family members frantically contact hospital staff for updates.

Critical patient care can go unnoticed at overwhelmed hospitals.

Patient advocates must conform to hospital and CDC policy.

Illness and suffering made worse through patient isolation.

  • Physical recovery is impacted by lack of emotional support.
  • Patient advocacy is a crucial aspect of survival.
  • Confusion and irritability slow the recovery process.
  • Fear is the number one cause of patient relapse.

Making a Difference

A lifeline for patients and a relief for families.

  • Remote communication via screen share.
  • Moral support when needed most.
  • Simple plug & play feature.
  • Constant source of communication.


  • 141,754 COVID-19 Cases in NYC
  • 36,723 NYC Hospitalizations during the current crisis
  • 1500 Names of Covid-19 patients submitted to public Tehillim lists
  • 700 Taharos performed in NYC during COVID-19 pandemic by CSE
As of April 23, 2020

The heroes on a mission.

We spared no expense to get this far. We need your help to continue.

  • Passive video communication designed for uninterrupted service.
  • Bedside tablets enable critical patient support.
  • Free service provided to patients and families.
  • Desperate lifeline for agitated patients.
  • Bypasses setup and complexities presented by other screen sharing tablets.

Simply Plug It In.

Software designed with nurses in mind.

No need to fumble
No setup required
Auto connect software

At WellTab, you're family.


Total tablets distributed to date.


Volunteers working around the clock.


Software developers working full time.


Patients connected with family to date.


Project cost to date.


Seamless audio/video interaction.

Auto connect settings.

In support of healthcare heroes.

Secure anti-hack software.

Secondary MiFi support.

Real time streaming.

External volume controls.

Muting option during exams.

Providing hope in the face of despair.

WellTab volunteers conduct 24 hour shifts to enable uninterrupted support to hospitalized patients.

  • Partners with hatzolah: Ambulances are stocked with tablets, enabling safe patient communication directly after admission. 
  • Tech advisory board: A 24/7 tech support helpline assists family members with connection and troubleshooting emergencies. 
  • Free distribution: Tablets are provided to transport and non transport patients, as well as patients already admitted to the hospital. 
  • Plug & play simplicity: Custom software enables uninterrupted screen view and quick setup, with clear instructions included with each device. 
  • WiFi connection: A network of community volunteers work with many East Coast hospitals to actively update WiFi and program each tablet.
  • Compassionate reps: Volunteer helplines are available to provide emotional support and personal guidance with regard to the tablet.

Will you support the 'no patient left alone' initiative?

You know you care, because these are the patients on your Tehillim lists, in your prayers and on your minds. What will you do to make sure they're no longer left alone?