Life Changing Meets Life Saving.

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  • Partners with hatzolah: Ambulances are stocked with tablets, enabling safe patient communication directly after admission. 
  • Tech advisory board: A 24/7 tech support helpline assists family members with connection and troubleshooting emergencies. 
  • Free distribution*: Tablets are provided to transport and non transport patients, as well as patients already admitted to the hospital. 
  • Plug & play simplicity: Custom software enables uninterrupted screen view and quick setup, with clear instructions included with each device. 
  • WiFi connection: A network of community volunteers work with many East Coast hospitals to actively update WiFi and program each tablet.
  • Compassionate reps: Volunteer helplines are available to provide emotional support and personal guidance with regard to the tablet.

*Recipient is liable to reimburse WellTab in the event that a tablet is confiscated or lost.

With your help, more patients can be motivated to survive!

Designed for hospital compatibility and user simplicity.

Crisis intervention: Medical staff have more time for essential work.

Hospital compliant: Tablets are coded based on hospital requirements.

Patient sensitive: Family controlled volume eliminates patient discomfort.

Exam friendly: Doctors can set tablet to privacy mode during exams or procedures.


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